Choose The Right Oil Filter

Why Choosing The Right Car Oil Filter Is Important And How To Do So

As the engines in our cars run, there are thousands of places inside where metal rubs against metal and without proper lubrication, the engine would freeze up and die. Yet, engines are pretty well made and will run for awhile when they’re low on oil but still causing damage that will shorten the life of your car every single minute. The same goes with not changing your oil at the recommended intervals along with the oil filter, you can get away with running dirty oil and filters, but not for long, it always catches up with you in the end. There are millions of testimonials dating back decades from guys that religiously changed their oil and oil filters more often than needed and were rewarded with incredibly long-lived engines, far beyond normal. Here are some tips on choosing the right oil filter for your car and why it makes a difference.

The Health And Survival Of Your Engine Depends On Clean Oil

In your engine, there are thousands of places like bearings, piston rings, pushrods, lifters, and camshafts where metal on metal contact is common. The only thing that keeps your engine running is the fine layer of oil between all of that metal, lubricating everything in your motor. As all of those parts do their jobs, microscopic pieces of metal are constantly being sheared off a little bit at a time, it’s inevitable. Those tiny shavings are then left floating around in your oil possibly acting like gritty sandpaper in other locations.

The duty of the oil filter is to stop the circulation of all this grit and dirt in order to keep the oil clean and reduce wear and tear on the engine. As the filter clogs up, it will allow oil to bypass the filter in order to not slow down the lubrication of your engine. That is both good, and bad since then dirty oil is being recirculated back into your engine wearing it out prematurely. In the best case, you’ll want to change your oil and oil filter with a new one before the oil gets dirty and the filter gets clogged.

When Choosing The Right Automotive Oil Filter, Choose Wisely

Whether you shop at the auto parts store or online, you don’t want to buy the cheapest oil filter you can find as it most likely has poor quality construction, design, and materials. If you think of all the poor quality products being sold today like tire pumps, umbrellas, and shoes with no glue, do you really want to trust those same companies with your expensive car? I would hope not, and that’s why you should always buy oil filters made by a top name brand.

No matter where they are made, a filter manufactured under tight quality controls will always have consistent quality standards that never change. They don’t buy cheap unknown materials for filtering, or soft metal for the housings, they always fit perfectly, work as advertised and do the job they are supposed to.

The biggest problem with a cheap oil filter is that you really can’t tell what is going on inside of it or whether or not it’s really filtering oil at all. If it came from a country that puts poison in babies formula to save money, what do you think they’re putting inside their cheap oil filters? You’ll never know, and the damage you do to your engine might not show up right away, it's very gradual, engines are pretty tough, and it takes a long time to show.

Choosing The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

First, you’ll have to know, or find out, the make, model, engine size, and year of your car. Then, go to the auto parts store or online and enter the information to get the right part number of filter. As to the brand to buy, stay away from cheap, no name, brands altogether. Buy a well known brand such as Fram, Purolator, AC Delco, or Mann filter since these companies have high standards, strong quality control systems, and long-term reputations for making top-quality oil filters.

When choosing a lot of products, you can go online and read plenty of customer reviews. However, since the damage of a poor quality oil filter is slow and accumulative, you must choose based on the long-term reputation of the manufacturer rather than online reviews in this case.