How To Choose The Right Air Filter

The Value Of A Good Car Air Filter And How To Choose The Right One

Cars have always come with air filters to clean the air before it runs through the carburetor and into the engine. However, most of us in the older generations know of several friends that ran without air filters on their cars, and some even without the air cleaner housing as well. Those were the old days when cars weren’t expected to last 50,000 miles before you rebuilt them or junked them for parts though. In newer cars, that are supposed to last 150,000 miles or more, having clean air is even more important than ever, here are some tips on choosing the right car air filter.

The Small Dust And Dirt Particles Cause Harm Over The Long-Term

As we drive down the road, the cars in front of us stir up dust particles that are then sucked into our engines as we drive through them. You only need to look under the hood of your car to see that lots of fine dust particles accumulate there and see that it’s important to filter them out.

What these particles do when they enter your engine unimpeded is cause a multitude of problems. First off, they combine with gasoline and moisture to turn into deposits that accumulate in the intake manifold, around fuel injectors, and on into the engine. These deposits clog the air passageways and obstruct small sensors making your engine run rough, and use more fuel. Further, into the engine, they get burned with the gasoline and create carbon particles that will ruin sparkplugs, and lead to early failure of the piston rings as they wear on the cylinder walls like sandpaper.

When You Choose The Best Car Air Filter You Eliminate The Doubt

Of course, you always want to get the recommended size and shape that fits the model, make, engine size, and year of your car. If you go to the auto parts store or buy one online, they will always ask and it’s up to you to provide the right information to get the correct part.

After that, you do need to consider which brands of air filters you feel would best protect your valuable engine. If you opt for the cheapest available, it’s likely to be made in the same town that made your last cheap umbrella, the one that fell apart into 1,000 pieces the first time you opened it. You have to ask yourself if you want to trust your car’s health and well being to those same companies? OK, so stick with a good, well known, name brand.

The higher quality car air filters will fit inside your air cleaner more precisely and not let dirty air leak around the edges. Not only that, but there won’t be any tiny pinholes in the filter letting unfiltered air through either, they have quality control and are made from quality materials, to begin with. You can’t go wrong with a brand like Purolator, Fram, AC Delco, or Mann-Filters as these companies value their reputations and manufacture a top quality product that has quality controls built into the system at every level.

Always Clean The Inside Of Your Air Cleaner Housing

As the dust swirls around the inside of your air cleaner before the air goes through the filter, it leaves piles of fine dirt on the inside of the housing. Always take a lightly dampened rag and completely wipe clean all of this fine debris. When changing your filter, you could accidentally dislodge some of this dirt and it would go straight into your engine. Wait until the slight dampness from your cleaning efforts has dried before installing your new filter so you can carefully recheck the cleanliness one more time before you complete the replacement of your filter.

If you’re in the market for a new air filter, you can now go online and read the customer reviews to read other customers experiences with each product. However, it’s very hard to know when a poor filter is ruining your engine since the particles are so small and the damage is so gradual. In the case of air filters, it’s better to stick with a top brand that you trust and have faith in their long-term goal of providing a high-quality product.